Sunday, June 10, 2007


Yes, once again I will get my finger nails dirty and build another bike for your reading pleasure...and mine as well. I'm building this bike to show that even the most plain diamond frame bike can come out a little cool with some work. The plan for this piece of junk bicycle is to be a retro looking one speed coaster brake job. So here is a picture of what I am starting with. Keep posted.



mtbikn212 said...

Too cool. After finding a "mystery" brand cruiser over the weekend to refurbish, for my girl, I started hitting the web for information. Thank you soooooo much for your site. Although I know/knew some, your site has helped with ideas & shortcuts. The bike is now in pieces and slowly being refurbed. Sent the site to some friends who are doing the same. We are haveing a ball. Thanks again,
Eric (
I'll try to send some pics before/after later.

mtbikn212 said...

Also, I found the bike on Sunday the 10th on my way home from my baseball game. Turns out it a Huffy Roadstr Cruiser circa 1983 (after a call to Huffy Customer Service